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LifeSound Hearing is committed to providing high quality, advanced digital hearing technology at reasonable prices. And we want to make it convenient for you to buy it.

By combining innovative technology and telemedicine, we provide advanced technology hearing aids with convenience.  The product of 0ver 50 U.S. patents, our hearing aids pair with your smartphone or tablet to determine your unique hearing loss, then self-program for a truly custom fit.  Our app turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control, able to change settings with a tap of your finger.

Need assistance?  Our telemedicine approach to customer care has you covered.  Call our Customer Care Hotline and we will connect you with one of our Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists, who have the ability to remotely adjust your hearing aids, free of charge.



Introducing our latest hearing aid with Smart Technology.

Providing the ultimate in convenience and control.

High quality, digital hearing aid for

Mild to Moderate hearing losses.

Custom programmed to your unique loss.


Compatible with;    

• Android 

 – OS Version 5.0 or higher


• iPhone, iPad

– OS Version 11.0 or higher

Advanced Hearing Technology

With over 50 U.S. patents, HearLogik puts the power of state-of-the-art

hearing technology and ease of use in the palm of your hand.



Customer Care Hotline

(888) 868-5659

Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm CT

LifeSound Hearing combines technical assistance and telemedicine support to create the ultimate in customer support. You can feel confident in your purchase, knowing that we are here to help when needed:

The HearTouch app includes video tutorials and help screens to assist you in navigating the app.  In addition to this, our Technical Support Team is available to provide one-on-one assistance with all technical questions.  They can assist you in locating and downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet, navigating the app, programming the aid(s) to your unique loss, and general usage questions. 

Our unique Telemedicine Support model provides you with direct access to a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist who is available to help you with fine tuning your hearing aid and its programming. With a full suite of hearing technology and equipment, they have the ability to remotely adjust your hearing aids, free of charge. They can also assist with special fitting needs, like power links, speakers and special tips for those with greater hearing loss.

No matter where you go, help is a phone call away!



Our hearing is integral to keeping us connected with the world around us, and to those we love.  Hearing loss has a significant impact on quality of life and overall wellbeing.  


More than 60% of older adults have a hearing loss.  Unfortunately, only one in five who need a hearing aid actually wear one and they wait an average of 5-7 years before seeing a specialist for help.  Untreated hearing loss can affect your ability to understand speech and can negatively impact your social, emotional and physical well-being.  Recent studies have strongly linked it to other health problems, such as cognitive decline, increased risk of dementia, and poorer physical function.†


Once seen as a sign of aging, hearing loss is becoming more common at a younger age.  Baby Boomers, those between the ages of 45 and 65, are developing hearing loss at a faster rate and younger age than previous generations.  Causes include increased noise pollution and the use of personal listening devices that utilize headphones and ear pieces.  

 †Johns Hopkins Study of 2011.


For most of us, hearing loss is a gradual process, occurring over years.  Because of this, we are accustomed to compensating for the loss, and often do not realize how bad our hearing loss has become.   If you have experienced some of the following, you may have a hearing loss – do any of these statements describe you?


Social Interaction:

• I have difficulty hearing people talk in noisy environments such as a restaurant,
   shopping mall, in a car, or at the movie theater.

• People seem to “mumble” all the time.

• Family, friends, or colleagues often have to repeat themselves when speaking with me.

• I have trouble hearing people when they are not facing me or are in another room.

• I have trouble following conversations.


Emotional Impact:

• I feel annoyed when people are hard to understand.

• I feel overwhelmed by large, noisy gatherings of family or friends.

• I would rather stay home alone than be with others in a noisy setting.

• I have trouble connecting with family members, especially children, because I cannot
   understand them.

• I am fearful of new social situations.


Medical Indications:

• I hear ringing, buzzing, or hissing sounds in my ears.

• I have difficulty hearing certain sounds

• I take, or have taken, medication that can damage my hearing (ototoxic drugs).

• I have a family history of hearing loss.


Hearing loss is generally a slow and insidious process. Because deterioration occurs over a long period of time, the individual becomes accustomed to accommodating for the loss and may not realize how bad their hearing has become.  Unfortunately, the effects of untreated hearing loss are serious.

Untreated hearing loss is dangerous and can lead to a variety of health issues. Incidents of serious depression are higher in those with untreated hearing loss.  As it becomes more and more difficult to hear, the individual begins self-isolating, withdrawing from family and friends as their frustration grows.

The result is a loss of warmth in their relationships that contributes to further feelings of isolation. 

Disagreements over hearing loss are also common, as the individual struggles to come to terms with their loss.  This vicious cycle has a profoundly detrimental impact not only on the wellbeing of the individual, but on loved ones as well.

Additionally, a recent study by Johns Hopkins and National Institute on Aging found a correlation between untreated hearing loss and a loss of cognitive function, noting a higher risk of developing forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.   Auditory deprivation, which is what happens when the brain no longer receives appropriate auditory stimulation, leads to diminished cognitive function.  Auditory stimulation is critical in maintaining healthy brain function.


The good news is that many of the issues experienced due to untreated hearing loss can be halted and in some cases, reversed when the individual is fitted with bilateral hearing aids.

Many wearers report feeling reenergized by hearing the world in a way they have not experienced it for many years. Once auditory stimulation is restored, cognitive abilities can sometimes be regained through special exercises.  



What types of hearing loss can be helped by LifeSound Hearing Aids?

Our hearing aids are designed to help those with mild to severe losses. Our unique telemedicine approach provides you with access to a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist who can make remote adjustments and provide assistance in fine tuning your hearing aid(s).  This includes sending you special links with speakers and tips designed for those with more severe losses.

What if I only need one

hearing aid?

In the event that you suffer from hearing loss in only one ear, you may be a candidate for a single hearing aid. However, in most cases, individuals with hearing loss greatly benefit from two hearing aids. Those with two hearing aids will experience greater sound clarity, and an overall higher quality of hearing.

Can HearLogik aids be custom programmed?

Yes. Using your smartphone or tablet, our hearing aids can detect your unique hearing loss and program themselves for a truly custom fit.

Does Medicare provide any coverage toward the purchase of hearing aids?

Medicare does not offer hearing aid coverage, regardless of the type or manufacturer of the hearing aid.

What is included with my hearing aids?

In addition to your brand-new hearing aid(s), you will also receive one pack of batteries (6 count), a cleaning kit, and the Quick Start Guide.

Is the hearing aid noticeable while wearing?

You can rest assured that the hearing aids’ small and discreet size make them virtually invisible when worn.  We do not use bulky tubes to transmit sound from the aid to your ear.  We utilize receiver-in-canal technology, transmitting the sound electronically, with a thin encased wire.  This provides a discreet appearance and superior sound quality.

What type of warranty is included with my hearing aids?


Your hearing aids include a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What types of environments can I wear my hearing aids in?

Our hearing aids are effective in all types of environments and feature technologies that help eliminate unwanted background noise when in noisy environments, such as a busy restaurant.  

Is this an amplifier?

No. We sell only fully digital hearing aids, not hearing amplifiers. Amplifiers simply make ALL sounds louder. Digital hearing aids are programmed to provide amplification only where you need it. In addition, our hearing aids cover the full spectrum of sound up to 8000 Hertz, where speech sounds are found.

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